AI improves pronunciation and recognition of context (US only)

News from Google Assistant! At least for USA Google Smart Speaker users. American users will soon also benefit from innovations on a smartphone or smart screen. We have to be patient, on the condition that innovations also arrive here. Artificial intelligence has been used to improve conversations with Google Assistant. When it comes to a specific pronunciation or context, the language assistant still has difficulty.

Pronouncing names is very personal. This is important for recognizing the correct name when giving a voice command, but it also ensures a more natural impression of the conversation. Hence, English speaking users can train pronouncing names with the Google Assistant, but other languages ​​will follow “soon”:

Google Assistant should now arrive with more complex conversations – here too, it’s a matter of context. For example, there is an attempt now to consider whether a person corrects himself when issuing a voice command. Google uses the timer setting as an example. While previously correction had an effect on the timer name, now only correction is taken into account and the timer is set correctly.

Additionally, you can now also work with implicit menus (first timer, second timer) and relative time information. The last option provides the option to postpone the alarm for a specified period of time. In the case of named timers, the case in which the exact name of the changes made to the timers must be specified is still the current state. This is now recognized from a different sentence structure or a different nomenclature in context:

Google Assistant must also evolve in terms of context-based conversations and interaction. Follow-up questions, for example, allow for a more natural flow of speech. Information that appears on a smartphone or smart screen can flow into context:

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