Airports Pro 2 can come in two sizes

Liquor Mr.-White, who shared accurate details about Apple’s product plans in the past, Tweeted today Alleged images of internal hardware used in the second generation Airports Pro It is expected to be released occasionally in 2021.

In the photos below, the hardware on the right side of the image appears to be the current ‘Airports Pro hardware’, while the hardware on the right is designed for the next generation ‘Airboats Pro’. The cables come in two different sizes, which Mr.-White suggests, which is an indication that the ‘Airports Pro 2’ may come in two sizes.

Rumors from Bloomberg Suggested The second generation version of the ‘Airboats Pro’ has a more compact design, which eliminates the short stems that protrude from the bottom. The ‘Airports Pro’ may have a rounded shape similar to the earplugs from companies like Google and Samsung, and for this design, it makes sense to offer different sizes for better fit.

Apple is said to be struggling to shrink Airboats The trunk removal is below the appropriate level, so there is a chance that this will not happen, and this may explain why the hardware designs shared by Mr. White are similar to the current ‘Airports Pro hardware’.

Rumors have it that the Airports Pro will have a new wireless chip. Mr White says the new Airports Pro still has a “W2 chip”, but it’s unclear what that means. The current ‘Airboats Pro’ uses an H1 processor, which features a wireless chip that is the successor to the original W1 chip in the first generation Air Pots, so the potential W2 here refers to H1 and not to the new wireless chip technology.

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Mr. White has shared accurate Apple details in the past, but not always accurately. Earlier this year, Mr White shared pictures A braided cable That being said IPhone 12 Queue, but it did not come out. He also said that Apple works in a black color Apple pencil, It does not appear yet. However, he shared Apple’s early leaks IPhone 12 envelope And Display unit, They are accurate.

There is no word yet on when the updated version of ‘Airboats Pro’ will be released, but updated earrings are rarely expected in 2021.

Veronica Tucker

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