Alan Wake – A remastered cult game could soon become a reality, according to rumors

Looks like she will Alan Wake Remastered They appear later this year, according to a dealer leak. The critically acclaimed Xbox 360 title from Remedy Entertainment, developer of Control and Max Payne, debuted in 2010. Now it looks like a modified version of the game is coming to both Xbox and PlayStation. Online retailer Rakuten Taiwan Alan Wake Remastered Specifically for PS4, PS5, and Xbox with a release date of October 5, 2021.

The news, discovered by Twitter user Wario64, appears to have been confirmed by Daniel Ahmed, chief analyst at Niko Partners and a general connoisseur of undisclosed video games. Ahmed responded to the message on Saturday, saying that the remaster “will be announced next week.” Some assume that this means that the ad is running Sony PlayStation show on Thursday 9th September, will take place.

Microsoft previously owned the rights Alan Wake The game was released on Xbox 360, but Remedy regained the IP rights in 2019. This opened the possibility of publishing the game on other platforms, such as PlayStation. With the official announcement looking imminent, we won’t have to wait long.

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