Albee. Aviation Club opens its doors

On the sidelines of the French Precision Driving Championship, the Albi Aviation Club opened the doors of the hangar to the public. In the program: simulations, discussions and discoveries of aircraft.

The heat of Saturday afternoon did not discourage visitors to Albi Airport, especially to test flight simulators! Three girls who are fascinated by a virtual reality headset want to put themselves in the shoes of a pilot…

Open doors until this evening is organized by the Albi Flying Club, taking advantage of the French Championship for Precision Driving that takes place the same weekend. Many volunteers attend to discuss with the curious, comment on the current competition, talk about the start of flight certification, and show the planes parked on the tarmac.

100% electric aircraft introduced

The star of the machines, on these two days, is the Phyllis Electro, the world’s first and only electric aircraft to be certified. This acquisition is the pride of the French Aeronautics Federation (FFA) and its president Jean-Luc Charonne: “The advantage of this aircraft is zero noise and zero carbon emissions.” The machine has a flight range of about 45 minutes and an equivalent charging time. When it takes off, the silence is almost deafening… “We show this plane to the public to say it exists and explain its purpose, continues Jean-Luc Charonne. It is intended for school and training on tours. : These are the activities that disturb the noise of the residents.” So the stakes are high. Albi Flying Club members are jealous of this €220,000 Phyllis electric car. “We are looking for financiers to get one,” whispered Frederic Michels, club president, and Philippe Langlois, chief pilots. In the meantime, they’re both ready to give you a taste of taking a little flight in the air, perhaps to increase the ranks of the flying club.

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On Sundays, doors open from 10am to 6pm at Albi Airport.

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