All the benefits of USB-C ports

For some time now, computer ports and especially USB cable technology have evolved, and USB-C ports are gradually starting to appear. In addition to the fact that the population is increasingly using these cables, they are known to be revolutionary. Here is some information that may interest you in this topic.

USB-C port advantages

This type of outlet has unequivocal advantages, both practical and technical.

Practical advantages

The USB-C port has somewhat revolutionized the charger world. It is now possible to connect it in any direction. In fact, it’s always annoying when the port doesn’t fit in one direction and you have to reverse it to plug it in.

So this port provides some facilities. It can now charge multiple devices of different brands and types. In fact, the charger can now be connected to a computer, tablet or smartphones. So it is possible to use a friend’s charger without having to limit yourself to your smartphone charger.

In the coming years, it is said that most people will get this charger as it will be compatible with all the devices in the house. From now on, it will be possible to recharge your computer via this new port. It’s the new power delivery. So there will be no need to store all the impossible and unimaginable chargers in the drawers of the house, as the USB-C charger will become the standard and therefore will be suitable for all devices. It may even allow you to save some money.

Technological advantages

This cable is able to transfer video and audio data between devices, replacing an HDMI cable; It’s now compatible with brands like Apple, Samsung, or HP. In terms of strength, the capabilities of this cable are almost doubled. So electronic devices are charged more quickly and safely.

However, it will be necessary to pay attention to the purchased brand. It would be better to buy a cable from a reputable brand, and not from a sub-brand.

The phone will charge twice as fast as a conventional charger. So you don’t have to wait next to your smartphone for hours before leaving. It’s a wonderful step forward. This power boost is also available for devices like tablets or computers.

However, this charger will not yet be compatible with all phone batteries. That is why it will be necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of these two objects, and inquire in advance about the article and the model. Excessive power can lead to overheating of the device and consequently to a complete failure.

The difference with other USB cables

So Type C is different from other cables. We can note some differences, which makes it an improved version of the USB cable.

It is flatter, elliptical, and much thinner than other cables. It has 24 pins to ensure a connection that remains secure as well as a certain fluidity. Moreover, the USB-C cable sends signals on its own, as if sending messages to the device. It is compatible with VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB A 3.0.

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