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WhatsApp has become very convenient to use even when sending important messages. What is happening now?

WhatsApp Notification-(

application WhatsApp messaging has become essential to Daily life Each of us.

Basic up Relations with relatives and friends But specifically The world of work You can stay up-to-date with colleagues by creating groups.

Meta, the company that manages WhatsApp through its programmers Intention to improve Most popular application worldwide by plugging in more And some new functions Thanks for the apps help.

Have you ever tried writing on WhatsApp? Underline the text? Would you like to try? We are watching!

Underline WhatsApp messages

Text Converter-(

Now WhatsApp Continuously evolving: Since its introduction colorful letters, From the background selection to the mode of adjusting the most important chats And keep them high.

After all, not all News is equally importantThe work should be sent as soon as possible and may They can wait too.

How is that possible Send underlined texts? This method is possible for both For Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Downloaded to computers.

Further There is an opportunity to enter Three different underline views, from soft to dotted.

An app that highlights messages

First of all Nothing to worry about When you download special apps that can underline the messages we want to send.

Actually inside of WhatsApp settings Not yet introduced This particular functionBut you can count on apps that integrate easily.

Can send underlined text For Android devices Trust the app Text converter It magically transforms sentences with underlining as we write. A text converter is an application Totally free. Once downloaded, launch it on your mobile phone and select the function “Stylish” We can decide which type we want out of it.

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There is a very precise list with all the available fonts, in which we can control all the methods. To start the mode, you need to go Text input field and voice selection Paste From the menu that appears. Once the text is underlined, that's all you need to do Send it to the chat or profile we want.

Regarding iPhones insteadThere is an app called Text of Fantasy. After downloading it and following the procedures, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp chat and paste the phrase you copied by selecting the function. Paste appears in list Send it by clicking the iconAirplane.

Finally, how much Related to WhatsApp for PCsApplication is available YayText A site that easily connects to our WhatsApp app You can write and change sentences Underlining them. Find the style you like and click the button Copy it And the message will be underlined.

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