Altdorf near Nuremberg: wrong Microsoft employees steal 20,000 euros

Between Thursday (October 7, 2021) and Tuesday (October 12, 2021), the Altdorf fake Microsoft employee scam led to success. The The police issued an urgent warning of this action and gives Behavioral advice.

The wrong Microsoft employees I called a 53-year-old woman in Altdorf several times on the landline and asked her to install applications and software on her mobile phone as well as on her computer. They spoke English fluently.

Nuremberg County: 53-year-old Microsoft employees gamble wrongly 20,000 euros

through skilful conversation and”redirectionFor the various employeesMicrosoft departmentsImposters woke you up serious impression She won the trust of Mrs. So they made the 53-year-old transfer cash in several transfers Amount over 20000 Euro convertible. When the 53-year-old noticed the scam, she filed a complaint with the police.

The commissioner specializing in cybercrime of the criminal police in Schwabach has begun the investigation. Officials warn of insidious scams and offer the following behavioral advice:

Microsoft has nothing to do with the described scam. Real Microsoft employees Do not call without an order on their customers and Does not require remote access on the customer’s computer or cell phone. Besides, they will Never transfer money Claim.

In principle, do not allow strangers to remotely access your cell phone or computer! You can find more information about this scam on the website of Police advice.

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