Amazon Alexa – “Super Alexa Modus” cheat code

Amazon Alexa has some hidden functions. One of them is Super Alexa ModusWhich can be activated by a specific command. What it does and what it is, I’ll show you briefly here.

Cheat Code “Super Alexa Modus”

I thought I had already reported it, because the code has been around as long as Amazon Alexa has been in Germany. Obviously not, so I’ll be joining him at this point. But what does a cheat code do and how does it work?

Basically, it does nothing but output the text. This comes from previous gaming consoles. This is the reason for activating it with what is called konami code. To try the cheat code, it says:

Alexa, top, bottom, bottom, left, right, left, right, BA

This is an old keyboard shortcut that gives you advantages in the game. In the Super Alexa Modus The spoken cheat code is based on a game made by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and popular developer Konami.

“Super Alexa mode has been activated! Hello hello! Ten additional lives have been added. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlevel 3 unlocked. All power-ups available. Malfunction. Power-ups have no power. Cancel …”

by the way: Many websites also use this cheat code for hidden posts. We have also hidden a mini-game in our robot vacuum finder. You can find the same key combination (of course without “Alexa”). To do this, just go to the page and click on the arrow keys, then the letters B and A.

If you want to brainstorm on this topic, take a look atSmart speaker setOn Facebook. There is a huge community with which you can brainstorm about this topic!

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