American Arcadia: Exciting new puzzle platformer trailer in deadly reality show

you rememberAmerican ArcadiaThe new gameWithout warning, suddenly, suddenly with false air Truman Show Made last April? You’ll blend 2.5D platforming and first-person puzzles by having us follow the unwilling candidate in a reality show where the lovable least is in danger of dying, and a mysterious outside help who seems to want to help him survive.

The dystopian-like world of the 1970s reappeared in trailer in Summer Feast Live gameAn opportunity to appreciate its atmosphere and characteristics Play.

Welcome to Arcadia, the retro 1970s capital that promises a life of luxury and comfort for all. Only the natives don’t realize that they’re playing roles on American Arcadia, the world’s most popular 24/7 reality TV show, and that their paradise isn’t what it seems. As countless viewers watch, famous citizens live carefree lives, but those who deviate from public favouritism risk an even more dangerous outcome…

“Trevor is an ordinary person who lives an ordinary life, enjoying his daily life and the little things that make him happy,” says Tatiana Delgado, co-founder and creative director of Out of the Blue. “In the real world that wouldn’t be a problem, but in Arcadia, not being popular enough is a problem. He finds help from a mysterious voice who promises to guide him backstage at American Arcadia, to his freedom. Is this show real or just a ploy to increase audience?”

raw rage and developers sea ​​call They confirmed in passing that a release on consoles as well as access on PC is planned, at a date still unknown, and on unspecified platforms.

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