Ametzondo Gallery Manager regrets “lack of visibility”

Stéphane Biarez runs the Ikea powered shopping center. Focuses on the future of Ametzondo’s business and wants to continue to attract new audiences.

At the start of March, more than a month after the near-complete closure of Ametzondo Shopping Center in Bayonne, its manager, Stefan Biarez, is confident of the future.

Do you understand the government’s decision to close shopping centers larger than 20 thousand square meters?

Down decisions and take note. This is our third shutdown in a year. There is inevitably some form of misunderstanding that our tenants have pulled the curtain off when they see that their direct competitors are open. More complicated is the lack of vision.

What are the prospects for reopening?

We suffer in the short term, but we are focused on the long term. We have started the important work. When it reopens, we will be able to offer something new to our clients: We are working on our catering area, greening our showroom and the new Smurfs stadium of 700 square meters. There will be a virtual reality center and a giant trampoline.

Is the health crisis negatively affecting your attractiveness?

We are confident of the future. By developing this entertainment offering, we want to continue to attract new audiences, especially Spanish clients, who love this type of infrastructure. We have this ability to attract from afar. Thanks IKEA in particular, and for being out of town. Reservations notwithstanding, we have opened around fifteen stores in the past twelve months. Several partners join us and see BAB as a reason to settle.

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