Amiga Workbench: New Years Eve turns Windows 10 and 11 into AmigaOS

Amiga Workbench, an alternative, standalone user interface from ComputerBase reader “Silvester72”, visually renders Windows 10 and Windows 11 amiga. The completely redesigned user environment can be used as a regular application and as an alternative to Windows Explorer.

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AmigaOS style windows

In his article “An alternative user interface similar to Amiga for Windows,” the community member describes how he came up with the idea of ​​his own user interface for Windows 10 and Windows 11 in the form of AmigaOS.

I had the Commodore Amiga and I look back fondly at that time. That’s why I started programming the Amiga Workbench (actually) platform-independent over two years ago, which you can simply run under Windows.

Silvester72, a member of the community

After more than two years of development, Amiga Workbench is now so mature that “Silvester72” can first offer version 1.0.0 and now version 1.0.1 for download.

Amiga Workbench v1.0.1 From community member “Silvester72” (Photo: ComputerBase-Forum)

Amiga Workbench is a purely private, not-for-profit project. Download from the official website It does not contain any additional software, installers, or advertisements.

The software is now very well developed and I recently put it on a special website. It can start and end as a normal application. But it is also possible to replace Windows Explorer if you like.

Silvester72, a member of the community

Questions, suggestions, as well as praise and criticism about the project in the comments to this message and in the forum, as always, are frankly welcome.

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