Amorant defines reasons for ban as cowards not revealing to streamers –

La Top Streamer Caitlin ‘Amurant‘Syracuse charged Pull Cowardice because it does not expose to streamers Reasons for their ban. For the little girl, this is a way to avoid controversy and accusations.

Recently, Twitch started sending Prohibited The name of the stream and the date of the violation, but still decided to hide the reasons, caused a lot of dissatisfaction among those who wanted to understand why they were temporarily or permanently removed from the platform.

Amurand wants the situation to change soon and for Twitch to be clear as a platform and to explain and acknowledge the obstacles in more detail. Responsibility By its own rules.

Amurant: “They do this because they do not want to be held accountable for telling you what you did wrong. They do not want the burden of supporting their policies.

Last year, without anyone telling her what to do to prevent it from happening again, Amurand admitted that he spent all day trying to figure out what led to his last hurdle last year.

I have to say that someone like her often creates limited content, so some strict interpretation of the discipline can lead to obstruction. The truth is that it would be right to make those who are banned understand the real reasons for the ban, without forcing perhaps completely false assumptions.

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Veronica Tucker

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