Amorant has revealed that it is one of the most followed streamers in Twitz

It is well known that those big twitch partners earned a lot, but the figures they earned Amurant Every month they get confused. The same streamer has published accurate data related to monthly earnings on its official social channels.

According to Streamer, his monthly receipts will be fine $ 1.3 million. Apparently these compelling numbers do not only refer to revenue from subscriptions (we are talking about 21,000 monthly subscriptions from information available on live shows) and donations on the streaming platform, but also out-of-activities site-like profile Fans only, The size of the subscribers who appear to be the main source of revenue for the streamer allows her to get More than a million dollars Every month. We find in various cash sources for Amurant Patrian, Tic Tac Toe, Web light, Fan e TwitterEach of these sites allows you to earn very little compared to Onliphone’s revenue.

We remind you that Controversial ASMR practices of Amurant Recently he has given incredible impetus not only to his onliphone profile but also to the Twitch channel, which has already recorded significant growth with the arrival of the so-called site. “Hot Dub Stream”, Or held directly on beaches or in swimming pools of various types, shapes and sizes.

By the way, you know it Someone tried to set fire to Amorant’s house?

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Veronica Tucker

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