An important message coming in the dashboard updates

After Microsoft announced major acquisitions in 2021 between Google and Amazon, journalist and insider Brad Sams released the new approach adopted by Redmond and “streamlined” the firmware update process for the Xbox consoles, an X, Series X e Series S.

According to signs shared by Samsung, Microsoft has begun a new phase of updates, starting with the involvement of some users in the program. Xbox Insiders. The system in question It does not force players to reinstall the entire firmware But it only makes changes to the components of computer software that have been affected by recent builds.

Microsoft affirms its development objectives in developing the operating system of Xbox consoles More separated, The author of the trot selects the reports shared on Twitter Brad Rossetti, A programmer from the Redmond House who points out how “Some users participating in the Xbox Insiders project with Layer Omega will get the new firmware. We are taking a new approach, which will allow you to expedite the installation of buildings without making complete modifications to the entire software ecosystem of the site. It is a system that is very active!”.

In addition to the undeniable benefit of killing spies Software download and installation time, Another advantage of this approach is the ability to start building and proper updates considerably quickly, without having to double-check all other aspects of the computer software. Recently, Microsoft shared a List with exclusions coming to Xbox in 2021However, keep in mind that they have many more surprises for their fans throughout the year they started.

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