Android accessibility: Check your phone at a glance

Google has provided a long list of features Android, included New access tools for the mobile operating system they depend on Eye and face gestures. Starting this week, users will see a new addition toAndroid Accessibility Pack Which can turn the front camera of the phone into a key.

aptly named switch camera, the machine Replaces keyboards, mice and touch screens as an input method for the device. With this feature, users will be able to navigate their phones with eye movements or facial features, such as smiling or opening and closing their mouths. The tech giant started testing it in beta in August, but is now giving the feature a wider scope.

The company also launched a new app called Activate the project Specifically for those who do not speak or suffer from certain neurological conditions. Its purpose is to make it easier for users to communicate with others. They can program the app to say phrases like “Please wait!” When they move their eyes in a certain way or express their face. The app can also be programmed to play audio, make phone calls, or send text messages, such as emergency messages, to those who need help.

Finally, Google has updated its app Beware, beware, take care with the Handwriting recognition. Now it can Read handwritten text and print it for Latin languages ​​in “My Documents” mode. In addition, it can recognize the euro and the Indian rupee in currency mode, as Google plans to add support for more currencies in the future. The tech giant first announced Lookout in 2018 as a way to provide blind and visually impaired people with audio notifications about their environment. Google has added food and document scanning to its capabilities in 2020, along with support for languages ​​other than English.

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