Android apps on PC: Microsoft plans a long-awaited feature


Android apps on PC: Microsoft plans a long-awaited feature

You can already use Windows on your mobile phone, but when will app support for PC finally come?

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Updated: 06/14/2021 – 6:16 PM

If you want to use Android apps on your Windows PC, good news for you because Microsoft wants to make it possible.

It has been known for several months now that Microsoft has been working on making Android apps available for Windows PCs. Before that, the company had long resisted it, but increasing pressure (particularly from Chromebooks) means the cycle will finally be changed, so Microsoft will likely start this year. Android for Windows– A computer wants to submit.

Android: Windows PCs Finally Get Google Apps

Android and Windows already work together on smartphones, so it’s possible to use Windows on the go. Soon it will also be possible to use Android apps on computers.

Why Microsoft is taking this step is almost self-explanatory. After all, Android is very popular and Chromebooks also allow the use of popular apps. In order to keep buyers with them, perhaps Microsoft is now pursuing a new strategy.

The official emulator for Windows is running

Various sources such as MSpoweruser platform MessagesThe company is working on an official emulator that will enable the integration of computers and laptops. Several references to the new emulator system were discovered in the patch notes for a pre-release version of WSLg (Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI).

It’s not yet known when exactly the new feature will come, but the odds are not bad that a version will appear with the big Sun Valley update in fall 2021.

Android for Windows: No Play Store on PCs?

Additionally, the rumors that Google Play Store integration is not currently planned, which means you can still download apps via your smartphone only, seem to have been confirmed.

If downloading the app from Android to Windows via the Play Store does not work, there may be sync issues between PC and mobile apps and users may have to download their apps twice. However, it is also important to know that the Android provisioning plans for Windows PC have not been officially confirmed by Microsoft.

If you want to start using Android apps on your Windows PC now, you can follow these instructions. And here you can learn how to mirror Android on your PC.

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