Android is also launching a security feature on older devices

One of Google’s best privacy-focused features released last year, it will finally be available on all devices. We are talking about Automatic reset of app permissionsAndroid will prevent an app from accessing features like your microphone, memory, or cameras, unless you give it permission first.

With Android 11, if the app has not been opened for several months, the operating system will automatically restore its permissions, preventing it from accessing some functions. This is an excellent security tool, but until now it was only available on devices running Android 11.

Starting in December, Google will add an automatic app permission reset mode to all devices running Android 6 or later, making billions of devices significantly more secure.

A good example of this is a random photo editing app or chat app, which allows you to access your camera or microphone. but then, If it is not used for several months, it can still enjoy access to those key parts of your device, which is a risk to your privacy.. With the auto-reset feature, access is deleted once you stop using the app for extended periods.

According to Google, “The feature will be automatically enabled on devices running Google Play Services.” Android 6.0 (API level 23) or later”, with devices running Android 6-10 that will receive it from December.

Once activated, users will see a new automatic reset settings page to manually enable or disable the privacy feature in certain apps. This way, it will not automatically reset to known, frequently used, and trusted apps.

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