Apex Legends Mobile – New Pre-Registration Rewards revealed

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It looks like Apex Legends Mobile has been a huge hit since its launch on March 17th on our mobile phones. For the occasion, new rewards are available.

New rewards will be available very soon if the game is on mobile top legends Continue to attract many players. Reaching 15 million pre-registrations will unlock Legendary Destiny’s Holo-Spray. As for the Blazing Fire Skin for Pathfinder, we’ll have to hit 25 million pre-registrations. The game has been available since March 17th, and both are in robot but also iOS.

Apex Legends Mobile

List of available rewards

  • Pre-registration badge – 500,000 pre-registrations

  • Fate Games – Logo Image – 1,000,000 Pre-Registration

  • Goal Acquired – Banner Install – 2,500,000 Pre-Registrations

  • Teeth Cutter – Epic Skin for R-99 – 5,000,000 Pre-Registration

  • Molten Earth – Epic Skin – 10,000,000 Pre-Registration

We now leave you with a small trailer for the game on our phones. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you when we reach 15 million pre-registrations for the game.

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