Apple changes App Store rules, angering developers

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Apple angered the developers. The Apple brand has announced that it is in the process of adjusting the rules for the App Store. Thus, an app becomes obsolete if it has not been updated for three years and if it does not reach a certain number of downloads. Apple explains that this decision is driven by the goal of improving the Store. The policy is not new, but it is becoming more restrictive and worries developers, especially independent ones. However, they will be notified by the Cupertino company and will have 90 days to make an update, compared to 30 days before that. Over the past six years, Apple has removed more than 2.8 million apps from its Store.

Mita continues her role. Facebook’s parent company is betting big on the metaverse and preparing to launch a new virtual reality headset. An excellent device that can sell for over $1,000. It will also provide an augmented reality experience through external cameras. Finally, the device will be able to follow your eyes and your facial movements thanks to a battery of sensors. In addition to virtual reality, it is also possible to enjoy augmented reality. And … a virtual office, because this headset will not necessarily be intended for entertainment, but for professional life.

See the color! Some of the new features on the robotic dog were shown at Boston Dynamics from Spot. Among them, the ability to remote control via a joystick, support for 5G E, but above all, the ability to see in color. This novelty should allow robots to improve their vision and accuracy in the various tasks required of them.

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