Apple details the use of the $ 100 million Race Equality Fund in the United States

May have CBS little bit Oversold Apple’s “big announcement” for today. While waiting to discover the exclusive interview with Tim Cook obtained by the US news channel, Apple has it Publish the press release Who raises the veil on the advertisement. These are the details regarding the use of the $ 100 million fund Which the company promised last June To combat racial inequality in the United States.

The money pledged by Apple will be used in many initiatives, all aimed at increasing diversity in the tech world. Three more important initiatives are detailed in the press release: the creation of the Propel Center at the University of Atlanta, the opening of a new “developer academy” in central Detroit, and finally the financing of two corporations that invest in companies run by ethnic minorities.

University of Atlanta Future Pay Center.
Same thing, from above.

The Propel Center is a new building to be constructed on the University of Atlanta campus, and it is one of the Historically black American universities (HBCU). Apple will give $ 25 million to co-create and equip it with advanced equipment, but it will also send experts to provide courses and even provide training courses. Lessons will be in various fields, including artificial intelligence, which is one of the pillars of modern computing.

Outside of Atlanta, all universities in the HBCU network will be eligible for grants from Apple to create new courses in hardware development and engineering, with the help of experts from Cupertino. Finally, the Apple Scholars Program will be extended, in particular to offer Apple internship opportunities at these universities.

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Helly Bryant Roy, a student who benefited from Everyone can program From Apple who will soon take advantage of the benefits of Propell Center.

Still, the second initiative Apple announced today is the opening of a new “Apple Developer Academy” in Detroit. It is the first time that such an institution has opened its doors in the United States, but the formula has already been implemented in Italy, Brazil and Indonesia. The goal is always the same: to open a training center to learn how to develop, even without any prior knowledge.

The Detroit Academy will offer a 30-day introduction for beginners, then a 10–12 month program to learn how to develop an app and make it work. Ultimately, a thousand students should benefit from this learning each year.

Finally, Apple will pour money into two organizations that fund minority entrepreneurs. Ten million dollars will go to Harlem Capital, a New York-based investment firm, and $ 25 million will go to the Cybert Williams Shank’s Clear Vision Impact Fund, an investment fund that supports small and medium-sized businesses.

Apple will also co-fund King Center, A memorial in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

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