Apple is aware of the visual issues that affect some iPhone 12 models

With the release of the new iPhone naturally comes the problems that users find. Each year, one or two of these issues attract considerable amounts of attention. With the iPhone 12, one of these issues seems to be on display.

Users are starting to report visual issues with the new iPhone 12, which is green and glowing. These complaints are slowly coming out even across the internet Apple Support Communities page, There is currently no solution available.

Macroemers They even got their hands on an official Apple document sent to Apple Authorized Service Providers. In the document, Apple advised technicians not to serve iPhones that are currently experiencing visual issues. Instead, Apple said technicians should notify users to keep their iPhone software up to date. This tells us that Apple believes that visual issues can be resolved through a software update.

For now, it appears that the issues will affect all four models of the iPhone 12. Users report problems with setting their display brightness to less than 90 percent. Some users even run it iOS 14.3 Beta.

If you have an iPhone 12 and are experiencing these issues, it may be helpful for you Provide a detailed report of the error to Apple. Doing this will help Apple solve the problem faster. In the meantime, make sure you have iOS update on your device.

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