Apple is setting up a startup to promote its products

The Vulnerable is back on Apple’s YouTube channel. After the first episode in 2019, this small comedy series allows us to find a small group of employees who have now decided to embark on a crazy adventure of entrepreneurship. Episode title: “Escape from the office” (“He ran away from the office” in French).

The episode is eight minutes long and has already garnered half a million views. Above all, it seeks professionals for its Apple Business Essentials solution, which will be released next spring. The story begins on a normal work morning, in their old company, where the four employees don’t want to get out of their car.

The crazy little band then decided to quit and leave, to find the freedom and possibility of working remotely in their home. Ironically, the video has been released where Apple says it will start bringing its employees into the office again after nearly two years of working from home…

Then it follows an entire organization, in a garage converted into offices, where the champions open an Apple Business account and enhance various features and tools. Remote configuration of video conferencing software, messaging, sharing a WiFi code via AirDrop, taking care of an iPad…everything goes there, even the VR functionality.

Thanks in large part to the label of their flagship product, from the iPad camera, the underdogs will be able to accumulate many customers and be successful. Until they are called back by their former boss, and are ready to buy the startup and its products from them. The rest, we let you discover!

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