Apple Silicon MacBooks: Large initial orders from Apple

Product orders delivered by Apple Apple Silicon MacBooks The company expects high demand for its first Intel-free models, according to its suppliers.

Initial orders are said to be equivalent to one-fifth of the total MacBook Last year’s sales

Nikki Asia Contains the report.

Sources told Nicki Asia that Apple is asking 2.5 million MacBook laptops to be powered by its built – in CPU by early 2021 as California technology company Intel rapidly reduces reliability on chips.

These initial production orders for the first MacBook to use Apple Silicon central processing unit accounted for nearly 20% of total MacBook exports for 2019, arriving at 12.6 million units, sources said briefly.

The US technology company plans to launch other MacBook models using its own CPUs in the second quarter of next year, and will replace Intel’s microprocessors, sources said. […]

Like its latest iPhone processor chips, Apple’s latest PCs for MacBooks are designed by the US, but are manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor, the world’s largest contract chip maker, and are made with DSMC’s advanced 5 – nanometer chip manufacturing technology, sources said.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing Apple Silicon Max as a core hub Next week One more thing Event. The purpose of the event will be very clear anyway, but Apple has also given some specific clues. An AR Easter egg on call The MacBook lid clearly shows what the opening is, and so is the company The event was flagged off to the developers, Which for the first time did so for anything other than the WWDC.

One of the key questions is whether Apple will advance into its own chips on low-end or high-end Macs. In particular, whether the first Apple Silicon MacBook will have Air or Pro models. Two reliable sources Have suggested that Answer: Both.

Credible Leak @ L0vetodream Apple tweeted a vague message of “13 inch X2” shortly after the event was announced. Coupled with previous rumors, it seems to be expected that the first Apple Silicon Mac will be two 13-inch MacBooks.

Most recently, trusted Apple analyst Ming-Ci Quo suggested that the first two Apple Silicon MacBooks would be the new version of the 13-inch MacBook Air and the new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Although Apple is said to be planning to announce both models during the event, they are likely to go on sale at different times.

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