Apple wants the Apple Watch to replace the wallet too

“Whatever is in your wallet, we think about it.” Back in 2016, Jennifer Bailey, president of Apple Pay, announced that the iPhone had done just that A profession to replace the wallet of all people. Five years later, Apple is getting closer to its goal and also making its watch an inseparable object.

iOS 15 et watchOS 8 Generalization of key types (home, hotel, car keys, etc.) as well as the types of cards that can be saved on their iPhone and on their Apple Watch. In addition to bank cards, loyalty cards, and all kinds of tickets, some US users will be able to register their driver’s license or state-issued ID in the Wallet app (renamed Cartes in France).

“It’s part of our ambition: to put everything in your wallet right on your wrist.”Apple Watch Marketing Director Deidre Caldbeck confirms this Yahoo Finance. The iPhone will of course store the same information as the watch – it will even be necessary to register an identity document – but it is interesting to see that Apple is focusing its communications on the Apple Watch. In addition to keeping track of health and sports activities, the watch can find a new purpose by becoming a wallet and keychain that you will not truly forget.

Of the 50 US states, 12 will allow their citizens to register their ID in the Apple app. “This is only the beginning, notes Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology. You can add files [votre pièce d’identité] To Wallet, consult it like your other cards and present it if you want to the US Transportation Security Agency, for example. “

Digitization of identity documents raises concerns inAmerican Civil Liberties Union, the main liberties organization in the United States, increased identity checks and the risk of tracing.

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Kevin Lynch responds to this second concern by explaining that there will be automatic control over the information shared: “We will monitor the information available to anyone.” The process for the user will be similar to Apple Pay: before sharing his identity data, he will be able to verify the required data and will have to validate the process with Face ID / Touch ID or a double tap on the watch. The first checks of digital identity documents will be made at some US airports.

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