Apple Watch Series 7: Pre-orders are open

Let’s go pre-order the included Apple Watch Series 7, Nike and Hermès. Prices don’t hold any bad surprises, they are unchanged, starting at €429 for aluminum (and titanium cases are refurbished). In-store deliveries and sales will take place next Friday, October 15th.

This generation does not have much difference from the previous generation, and there is not even another health function. There’s increased shock and dust resistance, and faster recharging capacity, but this year’s star is the larger screen in both sizes. Allows more information to be displayed with intricately covered dials. It is also described as being brighter on the inside (+70%) under the wrist.

Series 3, Series 6 et Series 7

It helps to remember that the bracelets on your current model will catch up with the new generation. As well as the bracelets now sold for reference 41 and 45 mm work with the previous series.

Comparison: Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Apple Watch Series 6

Comparison: Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Apple Watch Series 6

If you have an iPhone with MagSafe, know that Orange always progress MagSafe dual charger from Apple at 115 euros instead of 149 euros. A detail that may be important to you, this support does not manage fast charging for the Series 7. The custom surface of the iPhone can also accommodate an AirPods case (read Getting started with Apple MagSafe Dual Charger).

Update at 2:40 PM: For some models, delivery has now been pushed back to early November.

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