Apply 4.0 technology to enhance the value of the Temple of Literature

On the afternoon of November 15, the Van Miêu Cultural and Scientific Activities Center – Quôc Tu Giam organized a scientific symposium entitled “Conserving and Strengthening the Valuable Heritage of Van Miêu – Quôc Tu Giam on the Basis of Technology 4.0”.

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Technical Space Technology and 3D Mapping at Phan Mio – Quoc Tu Giam Temple.

Photo: VNA / CVN

The Temple of Literature (Van Miêu – Quôc Tu Giam) is one of the most visited and popular historical sites for tourists in Hanoi. Every year, this artifact attracts millions of visitors and actively applies technology to preserve and enhance its value.

By applying 4.0 technology, the Temple of Literature can create a virtual travel assistant system that applies artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and 3D virtual tours on the Internet and experience the effects using virtual reality (VR) technology, in 360 degrees, according to experts.

Vice President of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association Professor Dang Van Bai said that through the application of digital technology, heritage education will become more effective.

He also suggested applying 3D mapping technology when arranging nightly visits to the Temple of Literature.

Digital technology creates virtual reality products, providing visitors with many opportunities to improve their knowledge.

According to the Deputy Director of Hanoi’s Department of Culture and Sports, Pham Thi Mai Hoa, in the context of the complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Van Miêu – Quôc Tu Museum in particular, and museums and antiquities in general are facing many challenges. Technology-based product development makes leftover operation more efficient, and better meets the needs of visitors.

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