AR headset requires an iPhone

Having been interested in augmented reality for several years, Apple has regularly added features to its iPhone and iPad, with the help of the ARKit environment, to provide a more accurate and realistic experience.

The next step might be to launch a file Virtual/Augmented Reality Headset Next year. Some rumors have started trying to figure out the features of this tool despite the secret that the company keeps well in the apple.

This first version could offer a type of mask with a part of the fabric and an adjustable headband with cameras to understand the surrounding space and track possible gaze to facilitate interactions.

according to the information, the computing power will not be fully integrated into the headset and will require the processing power of the iPhone. If the connection is wireless, the site indicates that the headset will need in particular a portion of artificial intelligence processing (Apple’s nervous drive) to work correctly and display mixed reality.

TSMC, which will make the headset, would also have had a hard time producing the image-to-digital signal converter chip, which would be of good size to ensure a high definition picture and would have low production efficiency.

After this first AR / VR headset, it can reach a more compact device in the form of augmented reality glassesHowever, it will still require several years of development.

This may be the last big project that Apple CEO Tim Cook has overseen before making way for the head of the California giant. In his rare comments in recent years, he has always provided plenty of augmented reality, and he hasn’t hesitated to say that it will be part of Apple’s future.

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