Araw, 15, steals a woman’s cell phone and gets caught for video recording – there is no trace of the affected limb


15-year-old man steals a woman’s cell phone and is caught recording video – no trace of the affected limb

A woman’s cell phone was stolen from Canton Hospital Aarau. While the perpetrator has already been arrested, there is still no trace of the injured limb.

(The) The Cantonal Hospital Security Service reported to the cantonal police on Monday. He testified that while watching the video surveillance he discovered that shortly before eight in the morning, a young man had stolen a woman’s phone from a handbag. The lady should not have noticed the theft.

After that, the cantonal police of Aargau were able to identify the young man using video images and stop him at his place of residence. The responsible juvenile attorney has opened a criminal investigation. According to the police, this is a 15-year-old Algerian.

The affected limb is now being searched for. According to the video images, this is likely an elderly woman who was in the building of the Cantonese Arau Hospital at the time of the crime. The lady was wearing a beige windbreaker, light trousers, white sneakers and a shoulder bag. She also wore thin hair, which was tied in a bun at the time of the crime. The person requested is requested to come to the police of the canton of Aargau, Aarau Base (tel. 062 836 55 55).

Current police photos

Nussbaumen AG, May 4: On the night of Tuesday, May 4, strangers blew Aargauische Kantonalbank’s ATM. Property damage amounts to more than 100,000 francs. The perpetrators may have escaped on a motorcycle. You stole cash with an unknown amount.

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