Argon by Com4Gaming is the only gaming chair that really keeps you cool •

Have you heard of Com4Gaming? This is a startup company from Germany based in Stuttgart. As a start-up company for automotive supplier MAHLE, which is known for its high quality air conditioning solutions in vehicles, the development team has transferred its knowledge to a completely different area. This created argon, a High quality gaming chairthat stands out from other chairs by being specifically designed for Perfect Sitztemperatur Cares about.

Flexibility for the perfect sitting position

The high-tech piece of furniture follows a simple and uncomplicated structure in a classic elegant seat design in matte black leather. Argon is not as loud or bulky as some other gaming chairs, but it offers a blend of modern style Elegance and comfort. This high quality gaming chair is as comfortable as an armchair, but still has the best possible ergonomic position so you can spend a lot of time at your desk with your favorite pastime. The chair combines the elegant design of a modern gaming chair with the advantages of an ergonomic office chair.

Argon, the cooling gaming chair from Start up Com4Gaming

You can freely adjust your sitting position in argon according to your individual needs. Both the armrests and the angle of inclination can be precisely adjusted so that you can recline back and relax with your gaming chair from time to time – on comfortable cool foam upholstery. Practically speaking, the curved lumbar support relaxes your back and allows you to have a comfortable and pain-free sitting position even after hours. You’re also flexible on the go with argon, because the especially quiet rollers move smoothly over your home soil.

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Special cooling for hot hours of play

However, a special feature of argon is that special climate technology With a natural cooling system. The so-called “Com4Gaming Layer Construction” is particularly breathable like high-tech sportswear and thus ensures that no heat build-up in the back and seat area and that you stay cool and dry in areas that don’t normally come into contact with air.

But not only that: In the seat, the surrounding air is constantly sucked in by a 3D spacer fabric, ensuring a pleasant feeling of freshness that can cool the body up to 10 degrees below room temperature. However, the best part is: you can’t cool yourself down, because the air conditioning is self-regulating.

The argon material is as breathable as professional sportswear

The result of this technology is a noticeably dry and more comfortable sitting experience without sweaty skin. An uncooled object also has to expend a great deal of energy when it is hot in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Argon relaxes you because you have to use less force to stay relaxed.

This means that you don’t have to worry about your comfort even in the heat and you can focus fully on your gaming performance. You can use this function in different ways. For example, the Argon can be powered completely wirelessly using a USB power bank compartment (the power bank itself was not included in the purchase). Alternatively, you can of course also charge the gaming chair with the included USB cable.

Strike for perfect gaming performance!

Thus, Argon and Com4Gaming mean comfortable sound quality from Germany that places special emphasis on sitting posture and good air conditioning. It’s exactly this affordable piece of gaming technology that will soon be available in stores and right now Pre-order.

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This way, you can be among the first to get this stylish and comfortable innovation among gaming chairs. So don’t hesitate, your back and your gaming performance will definitely thank you for it!

curious? NS Additional information To Argon or to work at Com4Gaming, just visit Official Website Or their social media channel Instagram.

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