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Red fall It may be on stage BetaAccording to a leak that appeared on YouTube, it seems like a few seconds to propose SportsScreenshot of how the new argon game is in beta.

The leak was released by the Game Traffic YouTube channel, we do not know how it got there, but it may be real. Also, it reflects the content of a few seconds of play video (from 7:08 minutes of the video above) at a very low quality, both in definition and fluidity, and less than a few in practice. You can notice anything from the game frames.

In particular, the opening screen where everything starts clearly indicates that Redfall is in beta, which will confirm the planned release this summer, the title may be complete and may be in the testing and general editing phase. The authenticity of the ingredient is not easy to establish, so everything is just rumor.

You can see an action similar to an action in a few seconds of the video First person sniperAlthough this is only one aspect of the features expected for the new Arkane title, it presents itself as a collaborative multiplayer with sniper and survival elements, with vast open spaces and vampires being the main enemies.

There have been various rumors recently that Redfall may be delayed, with some details such as the October release, period and other information coming out, but so far nothing official from Bethesda on this topic, viz. Preparing to become a PC. Xbox Exclusive, apparently launching on the Xbox Game Boss from day one, is a first-party title.

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