Aspe Valley: Mobile network scrambled due to vegetation for two weeks

The microwave beam is blocked

“Due to the mountainous terrain of the Aspe Valley, our mobile network is provided via a microwave packet. It has been cut by vegetation on an owner-owned plot of land in the town of Baidos,” explains Eric Bose, Director of Relations with Local Authorities at Orange. “Pruning work needs to be done to solve the problem, but last I heard, the owner wasn’t in favor of it. Casually, it’s been just over a week where the situation has hampered us.”

Discussions will begin through Mayor of Bedos Henri Belgaard. “There are very beautiful trees in this land,” the elected official explains. “I have to be persuaded to explain to this owner why this pruning is necessary. I also need to contact the Orange technicians to find out how it will be necessary to shorten these trees.”

Recovery is expected on June 7th

“With the advent of fine weather, the leaves have grown well on the branches of the plot. By striking, they form a kind of wall that blocks the radio beam,” explains Pierre Tarin, Director of Communications at Orange.

The editorial staff advises you

The network is scheduled to be restored “on Tuesday, June 7”. In the meantime, solutions are limited for mobile users: “We can only advise them to connect via Wifi to their internet box, the fixed network is not affected by the problem.”

Professionals influenced

Many companies located in the affected area are affected by this situation. “It frankly hurts! When a customer calls, we don’t hear anything they say, and some of the messages we send to confirm flights are never received,” explains the Air Attitude paragliding school in Aquos. Likewise, the butcher’s shop in Lisbon in Baidos says this failed network was “punished severely”. “We have fewer orders these days. In addition, our representatives work a lot on mobile: for them, this is a huge inconvenience.” “We have clients who are unable to contact us to make their reservations,” we reported next to the hotel’s restaurant, Le Permayou d’Accous.

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The situation is also an embarrassment for the self-employed, such as Eric Corneau, a mountain guide in Osse-en-Aspe: “I haven’t had any reservations for several days. It was my birthday on Thursday, and I couldn’t get a single call! The lack of network is a real problem for the valley Whole, knowing that the Bedos Valley is concentrated the majority of Aspois’ services.

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