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Associati Fisiomed hosts Macerata volleyball: Under 17 years old were honored with water bottles and tools

Young red and white led Coach Sandro Mobili He visited Fisiomed Medical Associates Group, which is one of the most important supporters of Volleyball Macerata. The red and white delegation was welcomed to the historic headquarters of Sforzacosta In Macerata County, where he was the only one responsible Enrico Vallistoku He was able to welcome the team and honor the young coaches and athletes with autographed sets Physiomed Partners, Includes an aluminum bottle and a set of tools.

L ‘Under 17 It bears the name Associati Fisiomed, which indicates how much the specialized medical center believes in the Macerata volleyball project, especially in bringing boys and girls closer to volleyball. In fact, sport is an ideal way to impart important values, help young people grow and accustom them to a healthy life.

Union success Between Volleyball Macerata and Gruppo Medico Associati Fisiomed He is also on the field, with coach Mobili’s boys currently leading their group. In the first three matches of the tournament, which was finally resumed a few weeks ago, many victories came thanks to the excellent performance. The joint venture between Volleyball Macerata and Gruppo Medico Associati Fisiomed specifically aims to get these youths to thrive, with the aim of favoring the birth of future champions who will wear the Serie A team shirt.

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