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It’s as if I’ve got a car and been told: Go ahead and drive when I don’t have a license” Nicole, 77, smiles in front of her laptop. The retired nurse is fully equipped but slightly unarmed. “I know how to turn it on, I know how to enter my code, and I know how to press there [montrant l’icône avec son doigt] To go to the Internet but then There are things I don’t understandUnfortunately, she notes.

However, Nicole will have a lot of things to do on her computer and first of all”Understand this tool. Society makes these things work more and more and I’m bad“This feeling of shame or even exclusion, Clara shares. Although she uses the computer every day for her work, she only knows how to use the software for her job when she wants to.”Online Shopping, Online Appointment, Tax DeclarationIt lists the fifty years.

Permanent, individual or group workshops are offered to familiarize themselves with or improve the digital tools of the Kaléidoscope in Petit-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime) © Radio France
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There are many activities that may seem simple to anyone who knows how to work with a computer but have not actually been a subject of training in the strict sense of the word to many people. The government is 13 million The number of French people removed – at different levels and for various reasons – from digital.

A digital guide for training or improvement

Nicole and Clara are part of it and that’s why they pushed the door kaleidoscopethe third center is located in Petit-Quevilly, in the city of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) which has been providing the services of a digital consultant since the beginning of 2022. Thus Agathe Lepallor ensured Hotlines (every Thursday afternoon) vs”Urgent requests, specific problems can be quickly resolved or simply call”. Then the young lady came forward Group or individual workshopss. All of these appointments Free.

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For Nicole, for example, the consultant initially recommends an individual workshop to get acquainted with the basics of the computer: mouse, keyboard, etc. For Clara, group workshops can be appropriate except for her tax returns. “There we can make a date and sit in a small office and do things togetherAgathe Lepallor suggests.

The first thing is restore confidence“The consultant notes. The most common sentiment among the people who push the door for shifts or workshops is”Fear and shame“.fear of online safety,”Scams and fraud” but also Fear of not knowing how to act, fear of harm Which leads to a feeling of shame for the other. “People feel stupid for not succeeding and they also feel excludedAgathe Lepallor analyzes.

Restore trust and support

So the idea is to give them the keys so that they can understand it These tools are now part of our daily life. This is a will Administrative procedures, creating an account on “Le Bon coin” through parent trainingThey are often very anxious and divided about how to support their children with their internet use. Both parents want their children to know how to use the Internet and to be familiar with these basic digital tools and at the same time they do not want to fall into the dangers and drawbacks of digital technology.A counselor who also provides workshops for parents confirms.

Therefore, its audience is very large because, contrary to popular belief, Digital doesn’t just exclude the elderly. “Some young people can take full control of their smartphonesand social networking but find themselves less comfortable when it comes to using the computer to write a resume for example or simply writing an email.

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Agatha Lepallor has made it her mission to respond to all these difficulties and toSelf-confident“Those who push its door so they no longer need it.

The Kaléidoscope in Petit-Quevilly isn’t the only place to find this kind of support and workshops. The government is currently deploying its digital advisors across the country. They should be 4000 in the end. They are over 150 in Normandy, including 40 in Seine-Maritime. To find the person closest to you, it’s here.

The Kaleidoscope, 29 Victor Hugo Street, 76140 Petit-Quevilli

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