Average fans for TF1…a season bug without surprises?

He remembers. Two years ago, France was shaking every week to the beat Koh Lantawhich recorded public records. Admittedly, we didn’t have much to do at the time, we’re confined to our homes all spring…but by comparison, the current season looks pretty pallid.

On the audience side, the game collected, on Tuesday evening, 3.6 million loyalists (16.6% of the audience) in the first part of the evening, and 3.2 (19.7%) in the second part. Paris. Last week, it drew 3.8 million viewers (17.6%) and then 3.2 million (19.7%) in the second half of the evening. Reasonable audiences but not exceptional either. But this season isn’t too crazy, is it?

After a very quiet first phase of the game and with a very large number of candidates, we expected a more interesting reunion, with its share of twists and turns. But the weeks pass and the monotony remains, as well as more than expected episodes. Without big surprises, the “strongmen” (former Reds) eliminate their opponents one by one, who, despite their good intentions, can do little about it. Not to forget the almost absolute domination of events by the same candidates, led by Francois who flies over the Games and does not seem proud of it. But where does the suspense hide? Do you also have the impression that you watch the same episode every week?

you are a fan Koh Lanta However this season can not continue with you? What do you complain about this edition? Cursed totem not cursed enough? Too oily and predictable game mechanics? Very athletic (also) candidates with similar profiles? Are you bored this year and need to talk it out? Tell us everything in the form below!

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