Avesnelles: The latest computers and interactive screens in the school

Big, bright and modern. In front of the new screen installed in the CM2 class, the pupils were amazed. Especially since it is not just a screen! It is indeed an interactive digital display (ENI). Understand the touch screen. “It’s like a giant tabletThis was stated by Samuel Nart, school principal and teacher. With Covid, the French have had to work remotely and students work at home. The state, however, realized that not everyone had to be well-equipped, especially schools. Then a numerical base was set up”, The teacher explains.

It is responsive and intuitive

The municipality of Avisnel, for its part, placed itself on the subject from the start and quickly secured government subsidies. “It’s great to have this kind of tool.” Because the possibilities of an interactive digital display are almost endless. “It’s kind of an all-in-one, video projector, computer, monitor… The possibilities are double. There is no latency, it is very responsive. You can, among other things, print directly from the screen or even search on the Internet.” Now every student wants to go to the board. We are in tune with the times The manager smiled. Then, not all children necessarily have digital gadgets at home, it allows them to learn about it all. They learn word processing, create slideshows for presentations…” And that’s not all. 15 laptops ordered. The school received them this week. It’s the logical extension. Each student will have a computer. This will allow for a smoother interaction. The interactive digital display will be connected to computers that can simultaneously switch to the digital display.”

Avensel Mayor Antoine Badidi

But if the screens are democratic, then there is no room for giving up the old table. “On the one hand, because the digital screen remains an additional exposure to the screens, and on the other hand because students still have standards with traditional tools.”

About Antoine Badidi, Mayor of Avensel “You have to be in tune with the times. It is important that children use new technologies. It is use of school work. These tools provide the teacher with the possibilities to make the best progress in the school programme.”

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