Ayane: Dinoplagne finally opens to the public

This extraordinary Indian site, home to the longest dinosaur footprint track in the world, has just opened its doors to the public.

Many times because it has been postponed Construction delays Or simply because of the pandemic, the public opening of Dinoplagne has been scheduled for July 9.

The location is in Blaney in Al Ain, one hour away from Lyon. Prepared for Introduce as many people as possible the longest dinosaur track in the world (150 metres). The footprints date back to 150 million yearsAccording to specialists, now everyone can come and admire.

We’re in a kind of cathedral dedicated to the world of dinosaurs.”Explains Jean-Pierre Fillon, vice president in charge of tourism for the commune community in the Belgrade state. You can walk on a pedestrian bridge and observe the pathsDinoplagne also consists ofA kilometer and a half road, in the bushes, with Six thematic stages Equipped with educational boards.

€2.6 million is required to develop the site. Funding from District, Department, Community of Municipalities, State and Europe.

Application and Virtual Reality

a Connecting journey Via an application that completes the plate information. The sculptures on the course will appear in augmented reality. A virtual reality experience is also available in a 9-year-old immersive space, allowing visitors to go back 150 million years!

10,000 places for sale this yearReservation required HereBy phone or at the Terre Valserine Tourist Office.

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