Backgammon has raised over $ 4 million in financing

ISS Vanguard Board Game Win Over $ 4 Million – Gecko

It only took 3 minutes 15 secondsISS Vanguard Meets $ 50,000 funding target
Game found. The new Polish production of Awaken Realms generated massive enthusiasm among gamers and board game enthusiasts by raising more than $ 4.5 million through its fundraising campaign on Gamefound.

In total, more than 27,000 buyers attended pre-orders for the new studio game, which had already managed to spark popular enthusiasm with its previous productions. Contaminated cup In doing so, he broke the record for pre-orders for a board game on the podium, raising more than 4.9 million euros.

Take up space from your gaming table

ISS Vanguard It presents itself as a four-player cooperative board game in which players must manage a ship, land on planets, explore them, and confront terrifying creatures. During the management phases, players will have to recruit new team members, produce new equipment, introduce units, or even start searching. Each decision will directly affect the game, with the potential game over.

The base box is $ 99. With its three extensions, the bill increases to … $ 249.

While the numbers are pretty impressive, Frosthaven currently holds Financing record Board game, with approximately $ 13 million raised and over 83,000 orders placed.

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