Battle League boosts its game with 4 minutes of gameplay

As it will be released a month later now, Mario Strikers: Battle League He’s only shown a light trailer so far during his latest Nintendo Direct, which hasn’t really helped the community figure out whether or not to fall for this new opus. Luckily, nintendo This week he woke up and posted a new gameplay video on his Japanese channel, which gives us a better idea of ​​what the game has to offer (even if it’s in Japanese).

The game finally reveals itself a little more

This video gives us more gameplay to discover, as we navigate around the features of the next episode. So we discover many examples of matches, with many characters that we can customize here, that will have an impact on their appearance, but also on their skills.

The game will also focus on the online part with the ability to build clubs of 20 people to challenge other clubs around the world. And for fans of the game at home, on the same sofa, the local mode will allow games of up to 10 players and two players.

Mario Strikers: Battle League It will be available starting June 10 on the Nintendo Switch. The address is already available for pre-order.

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