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Battlefield 2042 It has been available since November 19, 2021 and the least we can say is that launching it hasn’t been easy. Today the game still suffers from many bugs and attracts more and more community outrage every day. Recently, we also learned that a file The subreddit dedicated to the title can be closed Because of the strong tensions between developers and the community.

Obviously very disappointed with the results of the game, Electronic Arts will be clearly ready to take drastic measures.

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Will Bartlefield 2042 be free soon?

It is again through Tom Henderson Let this rumor reach us. He recently indicated in a message posted on Twitter that several options are currently being considered at Electronic Arts and that this also includes moving from the game to free-to-play.

EA will be very disappointed with Battlefield 2042’s results and “is considering all options” regarding the title, including free-to-play

case to follow

If we don’t have more details at the moment, Henderson specifies that he will soon have new information to provide on the subject. In a message published yesterday, he indicated that he needed more time to give new elements related to the future of the game and that he would like to “provide answers rather than questions”.

Give me more time on this topic. I consult analysts, lawyers, developers and it takes a while to put everything in place.

So the Battlefield 2042 issue clearly didn’t finish surprising us; We just hope that players will enjoy the game in the best possible conditions soon.

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