Battlefield 2042: Only eight games are the worst on Steam

EA’s current Battlefield is a website builder. This has an effect on ratings. Only eight games on Steam are rated negatively. In the list of the worst products ever on Steam, Battlefield 2042 (beta) is currently at number nine.

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employment platform valves 73 percent of about 38,000 reviews are currently negative, resulting in an overall picture of “largely negative.” on too Metacritic User ratings are only 2.3 out of a possible 10 points – after all, there is still more to GTA remaster, which gets 0.5 points.

The reason for the ratings gets to the heart of some of the reviews: “It’s a good thing they postponed the game to ensure a ‘final’ product was released. What a joke,” it can be read there with scathing irony. The list of criticism points is long: bugs, glitches, and large numbers of bad frame rates can be found there, and even unreliable reloads are always criticized.

Additionally, there are a number of missing features that their predecessors still had or that were better implemented in previous Battlefield games. These include cliches like cover-ups on cards, destructible objects, the option to manually select your team, class system, scorecards, or simply the user interface. Buyers have long lists of flaws and cuts employment reddit Collected.

in bad company

Very conspicuously negative reviews suggest that EA has extended its Banana program with Battlefield 2042. Very few people are willing to wait for the shooter to mature from its current state. The game is in bad company in return. Prior to Battlefield in the shivering double fines rankings, failed settings crash into Spacebase DF-9, a number of indie games and the exceptionally bad racing game Flatout 3, which the website incorrectly but correctly classifies as the horror genre. The number one runner of negative quality can currently be called quite a sports game. Konamis receives the trophy as scary or, depending on your point of view, eFootball 2022, which its players describe as “so bad that even ‘freebies’ are expensive.”

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