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The first Battlefield mobile game was announced last April, and is scheduled for release in 2022. Introduced at the same time as Battlefield 2042 for consoles and PC (formerly Battlefield 6), the version for iPhone, iPad and Android is already showing itself Thanks to the release of software in several countries.

Battlefield arrives on iPhone

EA and DICE studios promised high-quality Battlefield quality for mobile, although very different from the PC and console versions we know today. To perfectly adapt it to touch screens, Industrial Toys teamed up with DICE for the development part. And the first result began to appear in Indonesia and the Philippines on Android. New regions will be added in the future. For now, this is only a first test of the game and not a pre-registration for Battlefield Mobile. This version requires Android 7.0 and later. First of all, this demo version features a “Grand Bazaar” map and a “Conquest” game mode. The full content will be revealed later, with its launch approaching.

Battlefield mobile ios android

The Help page The game also confirms that Battlefield Mobile is free and will require a permanent internet connection. There will only be cosmetic items to purchase, and Battlefield Mobile will display its Battle Pass and unique unlockable components on the mobile version. Moreover, we also learn that there will be no across the board With console or PC versions.

While waiting to learn more, here is the page Google Play Store For early access to Battlefield Mobile. It will be published soon in other countries and possibly on iOS. Who is eager to take advantage of the A14 chip and soon the A15 chip for iPhone and iPad? The real Battlefield on iOS should delight fans…

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