Beat Saber brings new content to celebrate its 4th anniversary

On its fourth anniversary, the vibrant VR rhythm game Saber won Offers new free content. After a new update, fans of the VR title are now entitled to two versions of the songs from its audio track.

As a reminder, Beat Saber has landed SteamVR And the Oculus Store In May 2018. In just one week, the VR title sold 50,000 copies. After a few months, it had accumulated between 200,000 and 500,000 sales. Over the years, talk of a virtual reality rhythm game has continued.

Today, it is already celebrating the fourth year of its existence, and it continues to arouse interest for more than a year. Throughout these four years, it has been the subject of many updates, and received a lot of new content. We can cite, among other things, Skrillex Music PackThe Billie Eilish DLC Music Pack and the Lady Gaga Music Content Pack.

This year alone, Beat Saber got a Fall Out Boy Music Pack, a new E-tape, and a fifth OST package. For its fourth anniversary in particular, its developer, Beat Games, has brought some new features to the VR title.

Beat Saber 4th Anniversary: ​​VR Still Worth Watching in 2022

As previously mentioned, Beat Games has added two new song versions modified from the Beat Saber soundtrack in celebration of its fourth anniversary. These maps were set respectively by Camellia and Toki. This seems to be a good way reconsidering Some content of the original VR title.

It also gives her a file young look. In particular, since Beat Games added many new songs in the past, it was found that they do not maintain some of the difficulty of the original tracks. Fortunately, these free versions can change the rules of the game.

Be that as it may, the various novelties that have been brought to Beat Saber, including two new remixes, make it even more popular. It’s no surprise that it remains a game most important In the world of virtual reality.

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