Beeper: The app brings iMessage to Android and Windows

CHat applications are a dime a dozen. Sometimes this can be very annoying because it often means that various applications are essential to keep in contact with all friends and colleagues. You want a cure The media According to the Beeper app. This is currently only available for select users and comes from Eric Migikovsky, Founder of Pebble, a former smart watch pioneer. The program is supposed to combine 15 popular messaging programs into one app, including Discord, Slack, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. An approach that’s not entirely new, but it’s definitely exciting, especially considering Apple’s iMessage is one of the supported software.

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The impractical solution for iMessage

Usually the calling app works exclusively on Apple devices. Since Beeper is also available for Android and Windows, this means, on the contrary, that users of these operating systems will have indirect access to iMessage. This sounds interesting, but at second glance, it turns out to be a complex workaround with all kinds of limitations. Beeper uses a trick to communicate via iMessage that other programs of this type also use: The app requires a Mac computer with iMessage app and Beeper, which functions as a connection to Apple’s communications network. If you don’t, the Beeper business model takes on strange advantages.

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Beeper distributes old iPhones as a solution

In this case, the developers are providing their customers with jailbreaking from cracked and abandoned iPhone 4S models which should constitute the missing link to iMessage. In other words, you will always have to carry an old iPhone with you to use Beeper, which you can communicate with via iMessage anyway. How this should work in practice – and how Beeper wants to equip a growing user base with legacy devices remains unclear. One thing is for sure: the service isn’t free. Beeper costs $ 10 (about € 8.20) per month. It is not known if it actually contains the iPhone 4S. Anyone considering using Beeper despite all the barriers should register with the official device website As a possibility.

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