Before hanging up the gloves, Tim Cook would like to launch a new product category

Tim Cook wants to launch a new product category before leaving his position as Apple CEO, according to Mark Gorman. in a the news weekly reports Signs “This is internally, the person who has been at the helm of Apple for ten years intends to oversee one last big launch which could be augmented reality glasses. The Apple car, which has been developed under Project Titan for years, will take a long time to give its first fruits.

According to Gorman, Apple still plans to launch a mixed reality headset next year, but augmented reality glasses aren’t expected until the middle of the decade. Therefore, Tim Cook could leave his place between 2025 and 2028 (knowing that Apple should give him 1 million shares if he stays until 2025).

Robot image of a virtual and augmented reality headset

Robot image of Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset


Oculus Quest 2, Apple’s virtual/augmented reality headset prototype?

The head of the manufacturer had already indicated last April that he does not see himself ” maybe more “CEO in ten years – he will be 70 by then. And according to the curious BloombergCook realizes that to run a business in Silicon Valley, you have to be relatively young.

In terms of who can take over, very smart who would say it but there is within Apple management “succession planning” which is the same Bloomberg I described last year (read: Who will succeed Apple’s current leaders?). There is of course a lot of talk about Jeff Williams, the handyman within the group but no younger than Tim Cook.

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