Behind the scenes of a mysterious career

Fabrice Brault He is not wearing a raincoat and has no tools of any kind. This does not prevent him from being a private investigator for 22 years. A genealogist, specializing in the search for missing persons. Her daily life is to solve puzzles to reunite families. in the book detective profession Posted by Hoebeke, he tells behind the scenes of his remarkable career.

into a microphone Sidonie PunicFabrice Braault reveals some of his secrets: how he succeeds in flirting, how he finds a trace of an alleged missing and dead man, but also the documents he has access to.

How to become a private investigator?

in France, Four schools that offer a recognized diploma : Two private schools and two universities. These are one or two year courses depending on the chosen course, with internships in companies. Passes through one of these schools it’s up. Each year, out of more than 1,500 applications, only about 20 applicants are selected for each school.

Once you have the diploma in your pocket, you should get it Approval issued by Cnaps (National Council for Private Security Activities). The future private investigator is subject to moral inquiry During which his criminal record is checked.

then stays in Create her entitybecause there are very few employees in the profession.

For example, the agency set up by Fabrice Braault has eight employees, as does a law firm.

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