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Foldable phones, frameless, no front camera … there’s a whole world of innovation made The specified cell phone format remained in the dark all this timePowerful cell phones.

Today, specifically, we have among us one of these shockproof and water resistant cell phones and any kind of voltage the classic mobile phone will not withstand. Honestly, we don’t know the brand even from a distance, however If your ad continues like this, Maybe soon he will make a spot in the Chinese range.

How to advertise on a powerful Chinese mobile phone

We have all seen an ad for a smartphone on TV or on the street. Usually, these ads target high-end or mid-range cell phones and little-known companies, like Samsung, Sony, or Huawei. Announcement today It cannot be denied that it plays a very important role in the popularity of the mobile phone.

So, I made this Chinese company called AGM One of the most surreal ads for your durable “AGM-X2” phone., Which is a completely different ad to the one we’re used to that shows us that it isn’t necessary to throw hints at other brands or their devices to create a good niche:

As it turns out, AGM You didn’t go to see the typical stress test video of your rugged phoneInstead, it simulates that the person lives on his cell phone, which will always be “safe” because his cell phone is “immortal”.

Since we are here, note that this AGM in addition to having a “strong” qualification integrates 6 GB of RAM and 128 ROM, Snapdragon processor, dual rear camera, AMOLED screen … of course, it’s waterproof, but what is It is also able to float if we add some kind of cap!

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How about ads like this one? Do you see a future for rugged mobile phones?

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