Benjamin Castaldi soon to head up a new reality TV show? (ZAPTV)

Benjamin Castaldi, presenter of a new reality TV show? On the set of TPMP, the former presenter of Loft Story, and then Secret Story confirmed that he was contacted by a TV channel to move a new concept on the small screen.

Benjamin Castaldi will remain for many the main presenter of loft storyin April 2001. An experience that completely changed his life, as he was captured in pillarsTV Magazine Thursday, April 8, 2021 on this occasion 20 years of reality TV : “I am very fortunate to have presented ‘The Loft Story’. It’s as if I had a crash course in animation. I was twenty-nine, with barely six years of television behind me and the chance to lead one of the biggest shows in France at the time. Obviously, the show changed my life, confirmed. After being replaced by Christophe Beaugrand on the main show of TF1, Secret Story, Aurore Aleman’s husband works as a columnist, but also as the show’s host Don’t touch my TV employment C 8. New hat fits him well.

Evidence, on Thursday, May 19, Cyril Hanoun informed viewers that Matteo Delormo did not want to return to the Don’t touch my post and it won’t do ‘TPMP People’, This Saturday, May 21. As revealed Puremedias.comthat it Benjamin Castaldi, who will host the weekly Dedicated to celebrity news on the channel c 8.

Benjamin Castaldi, New Reality TV Presenter

This Friday, May 20th, Benjamin Castaldi was at the head TPMP, in C8. While the presenter said to the underside of the next reality TV that John de Mol, creator of Big Brother, Simon Castaldi’s father ditched the ad. He could introduce a revolutionary new reality TV show. “There will be a launch of metaphysics with reality TV contestants,” It started before he revealed the official logo for this show “In virtual reality where everyone has their own avatar”titled dead secret. “The candidates speak their voice, they are avatars, they are digitally transformed and will be able to appear as they want to,” To put context for this game, he said, who can take care of it.

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“I’ve already said ‘Yes,’ to apply.”which sparked the curiosity of columnists in Don’t touch my TV. “So it will be on C8”extract Bernard Montellwhich was immediately captured by Benjamin Castaldi. No, it’s digital, it’s like a video game. Swinging, before adding that a “A large group was hiding behind it all.” But then, which one?

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