Big tech in the car: “Hey, Google, preheat your Volvo home theater”

Volvo is relying on the Android Automotive OS (AAOS) operating system in more and more vehicles, the functionality of which is now being expanded into series production and in devices already sold. As the number one manufacturer, according to its own information, Volvo is now making Google Assistant in the car externally available. YouTube is also making inroads. More applications will follow.

Google Assistant preheats the car

After the update, users can link the Google Assistant, which is an integral part of AAOS (tested in Polestar 2), with their own account. Volvo’s Google Assistant can no longer be accessed only from the car, but also from a distance. The car has become a connected smart device.

This will enable users, for example, to pre-condition the car via the smart speaker with the Google Assistant in the apartment or the smartphone remotely before driving – until now, it was necessary to use the Volvo app for this.

Google Assistant can not only send commands to the car, but also direct the car’s information to the user: “Hi Google, what is the current battery levelIt could also be answered remotely in the future. The editorial team at Volvo asked if the assistant in the car could also be used to control other smart devices such as lights in the home.

Initially, the range of functions is still small, and functions such as telling the car to start or stop charging are planned only so far. Volvo has not yet provided an overview of the available jobs.

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YouTube is the first video application to be introduced

With YouTube, the premiere video streaming app is also finding its way to Volvos with AAOS, and this functionality was previously not available on AAOS. else “Major broadcast providers“Must follow. According to Volvo, there are no restrictions on the volume of flow through a car antenna in most markets.

The manufacturer is justifying integrating a streaming app like many of the people have recently integrated in-vehicle video streaming, primarily with longer charging times for electric vehicles, but in the longer term, Volvo is also likely to plan job offers in the autonomous driving phases. Referring to the in-car audio system, Volvo also sees the car as a potential place to watch movies and series in high quality without any inconvenience. Vision: The car as a home theater.

Combined with an audio system that can rival many home settings and the ergonomic nature inherent in Volvo’s interiors – an enclosed environment characterized by reduced noise and comfortable seating – the car can function as an extra personal space without any inconvenience.

Google has integrated YouTube into AAOS as well as expanded Google Assistant to other customers of the operating system, Polestar and General Motors, Presented in promising – But only after Volvo.

AAOS at Volvo receives YouTube (Photo: Volvo)

More apps on Google Play

In addition to announcing in parallel with announcing its desire to turn Android smartphones with UWB into car keys, Google has announced new applications for AAOS from the areas of Navigation, Parking, Charging or Points of Interest and with Sygic, Flitsmeister, ChargePoint, PlugShare and SpotHero, ParkWhiz, MochiMochi, Fuelio, and Prezzi Benzina have already provided specific examples. Apps from Lyft and Kakao Mobility for drivers must also be installable via AAOS.

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However, there is also a need for more applications, the display at the beginning of AAOS was awkward, especially since AAOS does not allow the smartphone to be linked with Android Auto, so there is no alternative to the integrated display.

By update in the coming months

Deeper Google Assistant integration into the user ecosystem will be made available for all AAOS-connected vehicles with the Volvo Cars app over the coming months – provided Google Assistant is available in that country. Volvo has not provided any details about the YouTube integration.

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