Biggest Filipino Webtoons Challenge In Local Mobile Game ‘Brawl Quest’

Multimedia crossovers are a proven successful strategy for most movies, cartoons, and video games. Witness the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Super Smash Bros.

Mobile games are no stranger to these types of crossover events, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion in Honkai Impact 3rd. But it’s rare for the Southeast Asia Games to have intersections of its own with the local media.

Enter Brawl Quest, the Filipino mobile multiplication game with collectible kittens. Since last year, the game has introduced Webtoon characters to its roster.

It started with Little Things’ Girly in April 2020 and Sskait’s Ulan in December 2020. This month, he will be presenting XX of D. Borja’s Hunghang Flashbacks comedies.

Lord Christian O. Gossingtian, director and co-founder of ThinkBit Solutions, on the new crossovers: “The artists have given us the freedom to create their own animations of their characters while we animate and encode the characters.

“Since we are a company based in the Philippines, we wanted to develop games that also promote local IP addresses. We reached out to local webtoon artists to see if they were interested in bringing their characters to life by becoming fans of our game.”

Gosingtian also said the team came up with an idea to see other mobile gacha games collaborate with their IP addresses locally.

The team is also planning to announce two more crossover characters in the near future. XX will have a free login event where players can claim the limits used to unlock this character and upgrade them from March 12th until March 22nd, 2021.

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Brawl Mission: Major General Alice is now available at iOS And the Mentioned in appearance.

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