Blind shoe indicating obstructions

A discreet technical solution, capable of also communicating with a smartphone via bluetooth, to replace the classic white stick

(Image: InnoMake)

InnoMake It is the solution that comes from Austria that he is thinking of Blind and visually impaired people With a special shoe equipped with a technical unit that is inserted into the sole to effectively and accurately identify and indicate it Obstacles encountered along the wayWhen walking. It can be considered a kind of 2.0 evolution of the classic white nerve that was invented 70 years ago.

Developed by the Vienna-based company Tec-Innovation GmbH, this technology can in fact extend the reach of a potential user even to a sector of professionals who are able to extend the perception of the senses in very special situations. The simplest example of this is Firefighters who have to navigate between flames and smoke Or emergency rescuers, who must walk with caution, without being trapped or injured. The structure of the device connected to the shoe is waterproof In order not to be afraid of water or moisture.

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(Image: InnoMake)

InnoMake tech shoes can also be very helpful Users with mobility problems To make small day trips at home as well as outside safer and more independent. Compared to the white stick, the shoe does not keep one hand occupied and is more discreet in addition to working more closely with the floor. Instant detection and warning of an obstacle in the vicinity Through vibration or diffused sound even with conventional headphones or bone conduction headphones. The built-in battery recharges in a few hours and can cover a normal day.

At the hardware level, there are sensors on the panel that measure distance and analyze movement, a touch vibration motor, an ultra-bright LED and a system for communicating via Bluetooth with a smartphone. Yes why InnoMake comes with an app To configure various parameters – such as detection distance from 0.5 to 5 meters – but also to configure a network between different users to exchange information about tracks. It will be so coming The ability to take advantage of the smartphone’s Global Positioning System (GPS).

Among other solutions for the blind and blind, recently we saw a special ring with video cameras and sensors.

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